What we will do to keep you safe: 
-Not go far inside each home to pick up/drop off dog
-Wearing face covering while inside
-Contactless pick up (option for clients that are still working from home, but want their dog to get back to routine/friends)
-Carry bleach/alcohol wipes for door knobs or sanitizing hands before and after each use
-Bringing our own leash
-NOT WORKING if ill/feeling different/have fever
-COMMUNICATION—about our health and our concerns so they can be addressed by Kelly and/or pet owners
-No hand written notes will be left at this time; we will text or email update after walks

What we need you to do:
-Make sure dog is easily accessible at front/entry door so we can get in and out quickly
-Leaving hand sanitizer and/or clorox wipes at the door for us
-Have dogs already in their walking harness/collar
-Wear a mask if you are home when we come 
-Cancel if anyone in your household has symptoms, we don’t want to spread anything and we need to stay healthy too
-If you prefer an individual rather than group walk for your dog (note: there will be an additional fee for solo walks at this time)

Kelly in Baltimore Magazine

"The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment."

​-Robert Falcon Scott

Zim Zim llc is a bond­ed & insured dog walking and petsitting service for Baltimore City. Our team is caring, conscientious and professional. Please contact us to schedule your free initial consultation. We can't wait to meet you and your best friend!